NAT6235 error

Hello Guys, we are running a natural program that came up with a NAT6235 Internal error during processing of operation stack.
Contact Software AG

Anyone knows what can be wrong on my environment?
thanks a lot in advanced!!

Internal errors usually mean something happened that the system thought impossible (for example, two tables being built in one buffer area; one top down the other bottom up. the two should obviously never overlap; if they do; poof, an internal error.)

Was this the first record read from work file 3? Can you read the file outside of Natural and look at the offending record? perhaps some strange characters found their way into the record an Natural cannot deal with it.


Well, did you contact Software AG as the message suggests ?

Which Natural version are you running ?

This internal error appears to be related to the number of fields that can be defined to an individual data structure being exceeded.

If the number of field definitions inside a data struture (record) is an excessively large number - the NAT6235 is produced.

In the case we have seen, a file had been created by a Natural program that took one ADABAS record and wrote it out as a single record with all recurring fields concatenated (and there were a large number of recurring fields with large numbers of occurrences).

A second program then attempted to read this sequential file, but rather then having the concatenated fields treated as arrays; they were treated as individual elements - a WHOLE BUNCH of individual elements. When this second program was executed - the NAT5235 would result.

Changing the second program to read arrays for groups of like elements corrected the issue.

General testing indicated that the upper limit was somewhere around 600+ individual fields.