INOXDE7596: too many repository nodes

I have a schema, and already be able to define it against my collection. I used the schema editor to create an index on an attribute, and then try to define the schema against the collection, and get following error:

INOXDE7596: too many repository nodes

I read the manual about this message, but still don’t know how to fix the problem. Any one have the same problem before and know how to fix this?



the error
INOXDE7596: too many repository nodes
means that for a single logical node the Tamino schema proceesing (_DEFINE command) attempts to create too many different paths in the physical schema. This can happen, if the schema is highly connected e.g. via global elements or complex types. A frequent scenario is due to
(1) an index defined on a descendant node of a global element declaration
(2) usage of a wildcard (xs:any) with processContents=“lax” or (default) “strict” which establishs an implicit reference to any global element declaration in the schema which is compatible with the value of the namespace attribute of the wildcard.

Possible workarounds are:

  • since Tamino 4.2: use a multiPath index (if (1) lead to insertion of each possible path to the logical node into the physical schema).
  • use one or more tsd:which elements below the tsd:physical to explicitly specify the set of paths in the physical schema to be generated from the given logical node
  • change processContents to “skip”

Hope that helps