strange things in Entry point structure diagram....

hello all,

i have something very strange going on when i display Entry Point structure diagrams. Depending on what i choose as the starting point for the diagram, NEE sometimes show a plus sign in front of missing sources. If i then click on one of these plusses, it magically expands and shows the objects that are “called” by this missing source. The question is of course: where does this info come from ? And before you ask: no, the shown called object names are not correct !
Also, the missing sources have never been loaded in the repository, so it can not be a matter of some “lost data” that for some reason remained in the repository.

Any ideas ?


This is a ‘feature’ being fixed in NEE621 SP4.
It shows the levels from the previous successful expansion…rather than not showing anything (i.e., you are correct it should not have a + sign).
Please can you log this with normal support channels so if a fix is available before scheduled NEE621SP4 date it could be sent to you.

Any idea of when NEE621 SP4 is coming out?

aha, thanks Brian. I will wait for SP4 then…