Source not found

We have a Natural program in library POSE - program N04O09A. It uses a LDA from library DESA - V04B93L1. If we use NEE to interrogate library DESA we can list the source for V04B93L1. If we interrogate program N04O09A in library POSE we can see V04B93L1in the application tree but it shows as a missing object. For library POSE DESA is a STEPLIB so it should be able to find it. We have tried deleting and reloading V04B93L1 / library POSE / library COMMON / missing objects without success. Has anybody else come across this? Is it a “STEPLIB” / setup issue?

This problem is being looked at by Support. It appears the LDA has some corruption which when read into the LDA editor and saved corrects the problem.