natural security

I have just joined an IT dept where currently there is no DBA. To set me up as a developer we copied an existing developer user id & library. When we go through the natural security functions everything appears to be identical.
When the original developer edits a program in her library and catalogs it works fine. When I edit the same program in my library I get nat0984 pointing to the first LDA in the program. The LDA does exist in a library in the steplib.
Can anyone advise what I should look at to overcome this problem. I am hoping there is a simple solution.

the NAT0984 indicates that the referenced view/file (in the LDA) is not defined to Natural Security. If you’ve copied everything to a new library, you need to check that the views and files (DDMs) are linked to the new library.

Thank you Douglas - had to link all to the new library