Our shop is moving to NaturalOne. We have a development server which is mapped to our installation of NaturalOne. I can add module (e.g. Program/LDA) from the server to my project, however project build fails due to missing dependencies (i.e. DDM/LDA/Copymember, etc).

Question is, how do I set up either the project or installation to be able to resolve the dependencies for the module(s) I have put in my project? My assumption is that this can be set up so that this is automatic.

In the dependencies area, all have :Name (Name is name of module). Any attempt to open either from edit area or dependencies tab results in “Not found on server”.

My hope is that this can be done without adding all the dependencies to my project.

Any help is appreciated.


Just a wild guess, but are your Steplibs defined for your NaturalONE Project under the Project’s Preferences?

Hope that helps, but I’m in Local mode only, so can’t help much.

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I suspect that we will also be in Local Mode. Learning as we go.

A bit of follow up to this.

We did have a bit of a setup issue, which was resolved. It was then found that there is a setting in preferences which was needed for the dependencies to resolve.

In Preferences -> Software AG -> Natural -> Project -> Handling of missing objects- We changed this from Ignore to Read from Server.

Dependencies now resolve.

No change to steplib was needed.

Happy coding!

Thanks for the update, Lee.

I should have known there was a Preferences setting, 4 levels deep and 3 tabs over… It’s like the proverbial Easter egg hunt looking through all the preferences and properties from multiple menu options. ;-( Mainframe Nat parms could get confusing, but at least you could find a linear list of them in the manuals.

As far as the steplibs go, I would assume they still have to be defined somewhere if you are resolving dependencies across multiple application libraries, like SYSTEM, DEV, TEST etc. But maybe they are set on the NDV server you are linking to.

I guess once everything is set up and working correctly, there should be no need to revisit the settings. But I wonder what happens at the next upgrade, NatONE 9.2, or whatever. Will all the settings carry over, or have to be re-entered on each PC? We’ll find out in a year or 2.

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I have try this configuration unsuccessfully. DDM, Data areas… no resolved.
Please, help