Dependencies and Targets

I am using version 2.2.1.rc1b of the Natural for Eclipse plugin, in Eclipse 3.2.1, against Natural 4.1.2 for the Mainframe. I have created a Natural Project that references several Mainframe libraries, with Natural Folders for additional organization.

When I do specify a Target Repository, the Natural Dependencies (and auto-complete and so on) only work within the library the object itself lives in. When I do not specify a Target Repository, those features work across all libraries within the Natural Project. The latter is the behavior I expect. I assume this is a bug, but if it isn’t, can this approach be explained?

The current version of Natural for Eclipse is 2.2.3. This version still supports Eclipse 3.1 only. Eclipse 3.2 support is planned for NFE 311 planned for this summer. Many problems have been fixed already since the release candidate you are mentioning and I cannot reproduce the problem in my environment. Please check with a newer release of NFE.

I see the same behavior in NFE 2.2.3. I am using the Linux plugin, Eclipse 3.2.1, Mac OS X. I know the last two are not currently supported, but I suspect this problem is unrelated to my choice of platform.

I am attaching a screenshot of the Natural Dependencies with no target specified. Note that objects in several different libraries are available. (The unavailable modules at the top of the list are not in this Natural project.)

Following up on that last post, I was going to post the twin screenshot, this time with a target defined, so you could see the problem. But instead I see this:

Given that your “Allowed Extensions and Sizes” help (linked to on the posting page) says that I should be able to upload a 2MB image, this is irritating.

Your quota limit should now be 2MB.


Here’s the screenshot of what happens when a target is defined. The Natural Dependencies view only links to modules in the same library (T7DEVL), though everything from T7DPCOSW down is in the same Natural Project.