Solved: List Xref and Steplibs


I want to create a report “PROG myprogram () USING PROG * () WITH * VIA *” to get a tree of called programs from myprogram. The recursion depths was set to 7 and runtime structure activated (menu path: Invoked programs->Program using programs)

I would expect that natural searches the steplibs to build up the tree. But indeed it fails, if a program does not exist in the current library (“<<- nfnd”).

How can I create the expected report. It would also be nice to see from which library in the steplibs a program is called.

Is there a tool to achieve this?

[quote="Wilfried B

Sorry, SPoD ist not available

Prior to

L X PROG ...

enter the command


to apply the Steplib chain.

Sorry, Wilfried. I didn’t read carefully. Upon re-reading, I see that you had the runtime structure activated. In that case I don’t see why Steplibs were ignored.

[quote="Wilfried B

[quote="Wilfried B

@Matthias: It looks similar to yours, but in our case, as we use Natural Security, it is taken from the current library settings.
@Helmut: Of course there are xref not in all steplibs but only in those steplibs a program version resides in. But in the low level steplib all programs are present and the xref for those programs are available. I think, this behavior is correct, as a library can be used as steplib in different libraries.

We are on PREDICT 4.2.2. Is it a bug in this version?

[quote="Wilfried B

[quote="Wilfried B

Thanks all for their replies. We have found the reason for this behaviour: some libraries in the steplib table are connected to different FDICs, so list xref does not find the xref for the programs.

We try to synchronize the different xref daily to have them globally available.