Extract error on Workstation?

Using NEE on Windows. I have used the Object Handler to UNLOAD several applications thus far and LOAD the libraries/objects to NATURAL on Windows. I have CATALLed the libraries – all is well. I got to one particular application, and on the EXTRACT, I get these messages:

OBJ=VASAEIN1 An abnormal end has occurred in SCN stt=3840 keyword=DISPLAY
OBJ=VASCFCUP An abnormal end has occurred in SCN stt=0780 keyword=DISPLAY
OBJ=VASIVIN1 An abnormal end has occurred in SCN stt=4550 keyword=DISPLAY
OBJ=VASIVIN4 An abnormal end has occurred in SCN stt=3360 keyword=DISPLAY
OBJ=VASMCIN1 An abnormal end has occurred in SCN stt=5130 keyword=DISPLAY

All of the objects flagged have stowed properly on the PC. Thoughts? :?

Have plenty of thoughts :wink:
First, this is a support issue and should be referred to support.
In the meantime, it looks like a common issue in that all are pointing to a DISPLAY statement.
From Object VASCFCUP, post the whole statement for the DISPLAY from line # 3840. Looks like there is something there that the parser is not processing correctly.

Here is the DISPLAY statement from program VASCFCUP, line 780:

0800 ‘STATUS’ #TBL-STATUS ‘PHONE’ #TBL-PHONE (IC=( EM=999’)‘999-9999)

At first, I thought perhaps it was because the DISPLAY is referring to a report number “(1)”; so I removed the report number, reSTOWed, and re-EXTRACTed – same errors. All of the programs being flagged have “DISPLAY (1)” in common. But I have EXTRACTed/LOADed this same, entire application on z/OS with no such issues.

My guess is that (IC=( EM=999’)'999-9999)
would cause the NEE6213 parser an issue.
There have been changes to the parser.
Can you upgrade to NEE6216?

It is unlikely that I would be able to upgrade… I had to practically sell my first-born to get 6213. I’ll see what happens if I remove the IC attribute; if that does the trick, it won’t make a difference for our analysis purposes. Thanks for your advice, Brian.