RC=255 on Extract?

Running Extract Source code against an application with roughly 150,000 LOC – I know this because the Extract seems to complete, or almost complete when the step ends with a cond code = 255. Anyone see this before? Any suggestions?

[b]CEE processor response code= 255

OS= -ini *NAT:###CINI;SYSNEE -lang N -step BSGSYS,SYSTEM -dc . -id , -out “DD:CMWKF03” -err “DD:CMWKF04” -io “DD:CMWKF05”

NATEXT-P Internal Response Code: 255


NATURAL Source code Extract unsuccessful completion RC= 255[/b]

RC255 indicates that the extract has not finished cleanly. This may be because there are missing objects or that the parser has encountered a logic error. The EEX file (WKF4?) should contain the details. If there are logic errors specified in the EEX file, check to see if the objects are valid Natural objects (assuming you are performing a Natural extract) by stowing the object. If it is a valid object then please raise a support issue with your local Software AG support centre specifying the error received in the EEX file and providing the objects (including data areas, copycodes and DDMS if applicable) to recreate.

If there are missing objects you may need to specify a steplib to the extract where the missing objects reside. This may be done in Application Properties within NEE.

Thanks again, Graham. (You & I must be the only two interested in this forum). Anyway, you’re right, there are missing objects in this Extract, which I fully expected, but I was surprised that such errors generate that kind of CC. I was able to load the repository with the voluminous data generated by the “unsuccessful” Extract, and can deal with the errors individually. Stay tuned; I’m sure I will run into other issues.