EDIINT Is it working

We had EDIINT working when we installed 6.0.1. Recently, we installed Service Pack 1 and other fixes and it looks like EDIINT is not working the way it should. I think the mime data services in TN is creating some problem. Looking at the release notes, we dont see any impact on these services by applying the service pack or EDIforTN fixes. Basically, we post EDI documents to TN and they are eventually sent using EDIINT/AS-2 to the partners. We are also not able to decrypt and unsign any received documents. They all worked fine before.

Can someone please confirm to us if your EDIINT module with TN is working fine (or not) after adding Service Pack 1 to Ver 6.0.1. Based on the feedback, we want to getback with webMethods Dev Team.