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Where can I download a new template / schema for a V4060 X12 EDI document type. I need the following docs 810 816 820 850 852 856 864 997. We are using webMethods 6.0.1 and TN.

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Jessica, maybe you can help me. After reading the webMethods documentation on EDI mapping, I am not clear on what exactly is needed to convert an X12 document to a flat file. Does each X12 transaction set need a Schema? Do you need a dictionary for each document type? Does you have an example of the steps to complete the above task with folder structure? The webMethods examples are not intuitive to me. We currently use Inovis TLE Mapping and are going to move to webMethods EDI mapping. I really would appreciate any guidance. One example would really be helpful. Thanks much.

Hi Donna, saw your other post as well but can’t respond there so I’m glad you posted here as well. Don’t worry about the frustration we’ve all been there. I’m assuming you’re using 6.0.1 as well and that you have TN.

You need to install the EDI document types from the WmEDIforTN home page. That will create the schemas in WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.ediStandard.ediVersion.TtransactionSet along with one common Dictionary.
You can then open the schema to generate the documents from little blue icon on Flat File Structure tab.
Review the WmEDIsamples.sampleServices:X12toValues for how to convert inbound EDI flow. I used this as my foundation when I started.

For outbound you will need pub.schema:validate and wm.b2b.edi:convertToString. Review WmEDIsamples.Tutorial.XMLtoEDI.XMLPOtoEDIMap. They’re using XML vs Flat file but the logic is very similar.

Read wm EDI Module core component guide and wm EDI Module for TN.
Also search this group for EDI Flat file and look at the what the community has already posted.

When that fails post again and the community will help you out.


Thank you so much, Chris! I will pursue what you recommended in your note and see if I can figure it out. I wish I had training on it but budget won’t allow!

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I am new to webMethods can any one help me in doing some small examples like FLAT File to Flat File and XML to Flat file ,DATABASE to XML like that example so that i can start doing the example by my own with your s help.

I am having idea on edi transction which is use full for me in mercator so later i can do some example on edi in webMethods.

SO Please Help me

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If you are using webMethods6.0 version,Please look into the webMethods provided default packages (WmFlatFileSamples,WmSamples,WmEDISamples) These packages has some good sample flows that will help for any starter who worked on preversions of webMethods.

And you can download the appropriate documentation from Advantage.webmethods.com site.

Use the search functionality provided in this site,there are lot of discussions done on the basic procedure,flatfile handling,Database interation etc…and you will be surprised when you found the results.

Hope this helps,

If you have some time please also see this “Ezine Articles” link which is shared by some webMethods Users/Gurus.Its great content.

And also please remember no body will have time to train users online starting from basics,creating examples etc…since everyone will be busy in their own work but still they will try to post some responses for critical issues,you might have noticed in this forum many questions/resolutions/sharing etc…

take it easy…