EDI concepts


can a single EDI document be split into multiple EDI docs?or can multiple
EDI s clubbed into one single EDI…are there any such scenarios?i m not able to figure out a lot of concepts in EDI due to lack of detailed examples
illustrating the same…if any senior member can explain/show direction,
that would be an excellent gesture…

Any help is appreciated…


A single EDI document consists of ISA/GS/ST header segments

ISA=Interchange Envelope (This can repeat) it ends with IEA segment
…GS=Group Envelope (This can repeat under ISA level) it ends with GE segment
…ST=Transaction Set it indicates whether EDI is PurchaseOrder(850) or Invoice (810) or ASN(856) etc…(This can repeat under GS level) it ends with SE segment

can a single EDI document be split into multiple EDI docs?

This is applicable if ISA/GS/ST(say 10 ST segments)then it is treated as 10 seperate EDI docs.

Please go thru the WmEDISamples package it has X12,EDIFACT sample services this comes with standard wM EDI module installation,and also visit ediuniversity.com for getting overall understanding of EDI concepts.


Rmg, thank u for ur reply.
so a single EDI with one ISA/IEA and one GS/GE and multiple TS/ST s can be split into multiple EDIs with the same ISA/IEA and GS/GE repeating in all the multiple EDI docs which ofcourse have a different TS/ST in each one them…correct?edi university is helpful…

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