E-Mail server configuration SMTP

I am trying to configure E-Mail server in MWS to send a E-Mail but i got an error(check Screenshot) plz correct me where i am wrong…Thanks

587 is TLS port.
Try to use port 25.

Rohit – You can try the below one’s.

SMTP – port 25 or 2525 or 587


Hi Rohit,

can you elaborate the certificates for this smtp server with a Browser?
(or check with gmail support where to obtain root certificate for their tls certificate)

This needs to be imported into the MWS (see MWS Administrators Guide for details).


Hope you are trying to configure gmail, Please go through this link https://support.google.com/mail/answer/78775?hl=en
Try changing the port number and see.

can anyone tell me which certificate and how i can import it in to the mws


log on to your Gmail account using browser, click on the Lock icon next to the URL, you can download the cert of the GMail server, get both Root and intermediate.

Then you can load them following the “Importing CA Certificates” steps in WMS admin guide.

Download the attached cert and change the extension to .der .
And try to using this certificate and share the logs in case of any issues.
accounts.google.com.txt (1.65 KB)