[ISS.0070.0021] Failed to start HTTPSListener@5555:...


I try to configure WEBMethods integration server
Security->Ports->Add Port

Port: 5555
Client Authentication: None
Package Name: WmRoot
Bind Address (optional):

Server’s Certificate: ?
Authority’s Certificate: ?
Private Key: ?

Where i can get this files (*.der) ?

I try to crete this files, but i have error with privkey.der - becouse file is empty.

[ISS.0070.0021] Failed to start HTTPSListener@5555: [ISS.0070.9017] Could not process certificate

Thanks for help.:confused:

You can use webMethods Certificate tool kit and create a self signed certificates (.der) format and load it in the IS/Config/Certs (create the folder)…Please see the ISAdministrator,certificate tool kit user documentation for more information.


Thanks… It work…