Failed to start listener and keystore not found

Hi All,

Enabling HTTPS Listener on port 29662
2022-12-19 03:50:21 PST [ISS.0070.0013W] (tid=71) Failed to start listener HTTPSListener@29662. The following error was encountered: com.wm.util.ServerException: [ISS.0139.9014] Error: keystore ‘is_keystore’ not found. Details: attempt to initialize keystore using location(/ngs/app/b2bt/apps/localconfig/certs/iscerts/lapp100) failed.
2022-12-19 03:50:21 PST [ISS.0014.0004C] (tid=71) No listening ports were available. Shutting down server.

I have checked the keystore cert its valid till the 2025. We have two integrations in the lapp100 server.
But we are facing an issue for only one integration. can someone please assist.

Thanks in advance

Please make sure you have read access for the keystore.

The problem with the port 29662, during that time there is a network issue happened on that port.
Later it got resolved

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