How to on AS2 with HTTPS


We have a partner that we’re doing AS2 via HTTPS. They provided us the certs (encryption and ssl CA root .p7b). Right now, I just want to perform connectivity test. We have setup a https protocol on our F5. The partner says that they can get a tcp connection but there is no SSL listener that is answering. What is missing on our side in wM that is required in order to resolve this issue? I appreciate your response. Thanks.

Did you set up a SSL port on IS?

You can allways check with “openssl s_client -connect host:port” and verify the SSL Handshake.

Thanks DevNull. I’ll check with our admins but I’m suspecting the port has not been created on IS. To perform the check, I assume you would have to download the openssl program and installed it on a unix like environment unless I can install it in Windows XP and execute from the command console.

Well openssl can be found for Windows. Is a tool I use for many purposes so I recommend installing it.

You can also check for SSL pointing your browser to https://IS:sslport and check if you get the certificate icon (or you need to add a security exception in case of Self-signed).

Thanks DevNull. I believe the reason why our partner is not able to establish a ssl connection negotitation with our server is because the partner SSL CA certificate was not imported into when the ssl listener was defined or created on the IS admin console.