want to set up ssl for mws currently its rnning with http port

Hi Team,

i need the steps like to implement https to mws 9.7 version currently its running with http port


Hi Nareshk,

first of all you will require an HTTPS certicate (and its CA chain) which needs to be configured in the startup config of MWS.
See MWS Administrators Guide for further informations.

MWS ships with a default certificate, but the one included should expired meanwhile as wM 9.7 is quite old now.
Check under MWS/server/default/config/ for the certificates files.

After placing your own certificates in the same directory as the default ones, you have to edit the server config (setenv.sh, custom_wrapper.conf, wrapper.conf, …) to point to the new certificates.
Stop and restart the MWS afterwards.
After the MWS has finished startup, you can configure the HTTPS Port under Administration → My webMethods in the MWS Admin UI.