Duplicate Doc types

In testing EDIINT AS2 from one trading networks to another, I was receiving and error “ambigous document recognition”. I determined that somehow on the receiving server the EDIINT doc types were there twice. I am able to disable one of the doc types and processing gets further. I don’t see an option to delete a doc type, does such a function exist? how can I get rid of the dup? Also, I say I get by the dup issue, but for some reason the EDIINT default process rule (which runs wm.EDIINT.rules:processMsg) will not engage. Instead I get an “UNMATCHED” user status. Might the duplicate doc type have something to do with this?

Hey jon,
I read in one of the webmethods advantage thread that in the future version of TN there will be wm.tn.docType:delete service.
For now you call wm.tn.doc:deleteDocuments with an DocTypeName input. This will delete all the transactions belongs to that document type (i.e. deleting all the foreign key references). Then connect to TN database and delete a row corresponding to that document type from BizDocTypeDef table.