Duplicate Broker Documents Preventing IS Document From Loading

Hey guys,

I’m getting an error the an error when the IS is loading a package that contains our reusable documents. The document in question has not been changed recently nor has the broker to my knowledge. Other than this one document the rest of the package, IS, and broker are operating normally. We are running IS 6.01 SP2 and our Broker is also 6.01.

Has anyone else has run into something similar to this.

Package Load Error displayed in the Packages Management screen:

[ISS.0026.9112] Document type irdocuments.Common:doc_GbsTransaction has failed to load. Duplicate Broker document type name wm::is::irdocuments::Common::doc_GbsTransaction is also referenced by pdtFromBroker.wm.is.irdocuments.Common:doc_GbsTransaction

This is what I’ve tried so far:

Restart Broker and IS - result is the same

Create patch from another instance which includes the document I’m having problems with - result is the same

Delete Document Type from client groups on broker - result is the same

Package is still only partially loading and continues to display the same package load error message.

Try to disable the trigger trying to use those two doc. Make sure you delete both docs and do a fresh push to the broker for the new doc.

The duplicate document that was causing the conflict was in

We think this is why that happened…
We had logging enabled and the client group had the document listed as in log publish types. When the IS restarted the logging utility couldn’t locate the original document, so it created it under the WmLogUtil package. Then when our IRDocuments package was loading it ran into the conflict since both IS document were linked to the same broker document.

We deleted the document under WmLogUtil/pdtFromBroker and reloaded our IRDocuments package.