Document not flowing between territories WmBroker 601

We have a strange problem. We have two brokers in a single territory, we pass hundreds of documents across the territories. We have one document that simply will not go between broker 1 to broker two. I have used document tracker set up on both brokers, I publish the document, see it on broker 1 and do not see it on broker two. Other documents that I publish I see on both brokers as expected.



The documents seem to be out of sync in your case (some infoset not matching I guess). This can be visualized easily with Manager GUI of 5.0. May be you can try and extract document from Target and merge it with document on source side.

The documents were insync (according to developer) and what is on the screen in the Broker Admin Console. I ultimately deleted the document on the broker pushed the document from the IS to the broker and it started working again.

It however did the same thing with another document today so I am wonder what causes this issue and what is the best method to combat it. (Just syncing the documents does not work, I actually have to delete the Pub/Sub in the client and then delete the document and then push the document to the broker from the IS.