Broker Doc InSync Issue


As per my requirement i have to rename broker and it was done successfully but after renaming all docs exist in IS went into in Sync so and push to broker for couple of documents which was already sync with broker before renaming but some of the publishable documents are not getting in sync with broker

while syncing doc with broker via designer it show “update locally” where i check doc are exist in broker but stilling i am getting below.

Any work around for this issue ?

i am getting error as below
error errorMessage:Link to source is set to true for node { name or IS document } that all …

WM Forum members,

Any idea about this issue?
Appreciate your response

Please check this thread and see if it is helpful. If you still have issues we can analyse further.


Issue resolved by deploying IS document package from SIT to Dev Env,
there after re-syncing docs again with broker

Glad to hear issue is resolved: :smiley: