Documnts getting Queue'd on the Broker Server

Issue is that Documents get Queued on the Broker Server.

The issue is similar to this thread;

We have local broker server 6.1 in a non-clustered env; Couple of weeks back during vacation, there was issue in PROD env and the environment was restarted without any cause analysis.

Ever since, the broker server will work fine for about a day or so, and then go in non-delivery mode. Since all the documents that flow through the broker server are guaranteed, all I have been doing as a temporary fix, is to restart the broker server (even a restart of IS fixes it). Then it will work for another day or so before breaking again…

I can see the documents are stuck in the client queue… Now initially I was thinking it might be n/w related issue, as nothing was changed in terms of code perspective and these trigger/local broker server never had any issues what-so-ever for about 2 years. They are still on base 6.1 version ( 011204); I will be trying to update to the SP3 and see if that helps!

Things already tried include recreating all the clients, changing broker client prefix etc.

Any/All suggestions/explanations requested; The issue is what might make it stop working and why does it work fine on a sporadicly basis for about a day??

This is exactly my question too. We have broker 6.5 with service pack 2 fix 5.
But we still are having the above problem.

Temporary solution of restarting the BrokerServer solves the issue for me. This is much better than restarting the whole IS instance.

Try that see if this temporary solution works for you or not.

Meanwhile, I am in process of applying all the SPs/Fixes for IS/Broker. Hope the issue gets resolved by this.

try rebuilding the broker server from the ground up (e.g. ‘server_config delete’, ‘server_config create’, et al). Some points:

  1. Back up the guaranteed storage (and swap file, etc) first, in case you change your mind.
  2. Don’t do any of this unless you really really know what you are doing
  3. When complete, you will have to reload your document types into the new broker server
  4. if you don’t know the difference between ‘broker’ and ‘broker server’, you aren’t ready for this task!

When recreating it, make sure it has enough swap space and storage space to handle your load.


Upgrading the IS/Broker to the latest SPs and Fix levels solved the issue for us.

We are closing monitoring the environment and will report back if the issue emerges.