Documents getting queued in the Client Queues

Hi All,

We have two issues with Broker 060605 .

  1. Sometimes documents are getting queued in the Client queues.

  2. After restarting the Broker Server to process the queued up documents, the documents are being processed twice.

Note: We have 2 instances of IS 6.5 in a cluster.

Updates installed are :

Are we missing any updates or have done any configuration wrong?
We have the same environment since last three years but we are facing this issue recently.

Can anyone please help us ?


Can you give some more details on the issue? Since the IS server (Dispatcher process) is responsible for pulling the documents out of the queues, do you see any interruption in the IS’s connection to the Broker server? Message like polling for broker in the server log?

Is it all of your queues or just one in particular that is the problem? If it is just one, you might want to check and see if a thread is getting hung up on the processing end. What does your service usage look like prior to the restart? Anything running appear to be hung?

  1. This could be due to a product issue. Your broker version is almost 3 years old. There’s been a document stuck in queue fix since then.

  2. We implement doc history / resolver to prevent these types of issues. You might want to check that out. Duplicates tend to be related to network issues, where the ACK is missed or dropped.