Documents stuck in Trigger queue

we have scheduler which publish documents retrieved from database with a certain criteria to broker
and trigger which subscribe to this document to call service that change this criteria on database. everything is okay without any exceptions

the problem here
we have noticed that the documents is duplicate in trigger queue.

what the main reason make the queue trigger hang?

We need help urgently as as we’re moving towards production. We’re using webMethods 6.5
Thanks for any advice!

Hi Basssem,

Please provide further information as followed:

  1. Error messages on Integration server logs
  2. Version of Webmethods 6.5 and fixes applied ( From the About page in Integration server logs)

William Choong

Thank you William for your replay
as i discussed later no error or exception just there are something making the published document stuck in a broker queue so the trigger waiting for any published document and this is making the scheduler retrieve the same document again from db and publish it to broker, when broker queue stop hanging trigger fetch many documents with the same instance, understand me?
this is inconsistent state sometimes happened sometimes not

Product:webMethods Integration Server

Namespace VCS Fix

Build Number

Thank you.

HI Basseem,

Are you having two IS servers running on a clustering enviroment?

William Choong

no without clustering :frowning:

Hi Bassem,

Can you share the IS server logs which describe the activites of publish and subscribe of documents from your end? We can see what is going on during the process of publish and subscribe for the problem that you are facing now.


William Choong

Hi Bassem,

You can change the level of logging (Logging page under Settings) in Integration server admin page to view the activities of publishing and subscribing in integration server logs. You can click on Integration server to see the drop down box, change the following facilties to “trace” under logging leve and save it.

0097 Broker Document Type Synchronizer
0098 Dispatcher
0099 Broker Transport Layer

Now you can try to perform publish and subscribe of documents and check in the IS logs. Example log are as followed:

(IS.SERVER) [ISS.0098.98.51] 2010-06-02 15:32:58 CST DEBUG: DefaultProducer send
ing document to Broker.
(IS.SERVER) [ISS.0098.98.2] 2010-06-02 15:32:58 CST TRACE: Encoding wmtest.publi
sher:wmTestDocument to Broker Document
(IS.SERVER) [ISS.0098.98.6] 2010-06-02 15:32:59 CST DEBUG: Consumer:wmtest.subsc
riber:ReceiveDocuments received 1 Documents from Broker

YOu can include parts of the IS server logs which shows the activties in the next thread.


William Choong

Hi Bassem,

You can prevent duplication of document when publishing documents to broker by changing the settings of Validate when published to “True” in developer. For the trigger settings, you can change the value of Detect Duplicate settings under properties to “True”.

Which processing method you are using for Trigger?


William Choong


Can you please tell us the scheduler service interval? Sometime it so happens that when the service is scheduled with less interval time, it will try to pick the data same data which are being processed.

Change the scheduler interval and verify. It may resolve the issue.