Problem with client queue becoming suddenly unavailable

Hi Experts,

We are experiencing a very weird issue where a particular client queue becomes unavailable suddenly.

A particular client queue is creating an issue and processing documents intermittently.
However, all documents are getting processed but sometimes it is resulting in a very big queue and document is getting timed out.

Fyi, we are using publish and wait in this case and have set the timeout to 10 min.

Error on IS is :
webM IS RequestReplyHandler encountered Transport Exception: [ISS.0098.9010] No waiting thread for Document Id: 15897. Requestor might have timed out.

Also, I have checked the logs in MWS and found below error:
"Error: Invalid or nonexistent queue browser for client “IZ+X+gSNnGqGQCU4DYxkQihn1Es__ABC.Default_transitionTrigger” on Broker.

we are using IS 7.1.2 and broker version

Restarting the Integration server temporarily resolves this issue but it again re appears in 1-2 days.

I have checked other posts regarding similar issue and didn’t found any concrete resolution.

Broker server has not been re-started since last 10 months. Could it be the reason for this issue?



Just try re-creating the trigger.

note: in this case you will lose the unprocessed docs.