Duplicate Document Exception from 601 Trigger

We are publishing a document from the Broker that is subscribed by a Trigger which inturn invokes a Service. The environment is Broker 601 - IS 601.

We are seeing the below exception while the Trigger is trying to subscribe the document as a result its unable to invoke the service.

2004-01-15 19:19:50 EST [ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:PAS501.Triggers:PAS501_LVL_Trigger_Customer received 1 Documents from Broker
2004-01-15 19:19:50 EST [ISS.0098.0030E] PAS501.Triggers:PAS501_LVL_Trigger_Customer received duplicate document(s). Error com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.DupeMsgException: com.wm.app.store.TSDupeMsgException: [BAT.0000.0032] duplicate message for store id PAS501.Triggers:PAS501_LVL_Trigger_Customer in parent container id TriggerConsumer
2004-01-15 19:19:50 EST [ISS.0098.0087E] Duplicate document of type:PAS501.docs:CAN_CustomerInformation with Id:1 received for trigger:PAS501.Triggers:PAS501_LVL_Trigger_Customer.

Can somebody throw light on this issue ASAP.


IS is using a field called trackID in the enveloppe of the documents as a unique identifier of the document.
IS remembers all values (whatever document type they are) during ten minutes. If a second document is published with the same trackID, then it considers it is a duplicate and automatically discards it.

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How to fix this problem?. Is there anyway at all if I want to receive the same document (business requirement) in the same 10minutes.

A fix has been released by wM for this issue. We have tried it and looks like our issue is resolved.

The fix is IS602_SP2_Fix102.

The fix is actually ‘IS_6-0-1_SP2_Fix102’ and is included in the IS Service Pace 3