Document GateWay Service Hint

Hello Team

UseCase: The partner sends the PO XML without sufficient information ( like sender and receiver ID). I have decided to have a document gateway service which will be exposed to client which in turn feed the PO data to TN.

Could you please guide how to provide the Sender and Receiver hint to the routeXML service?

I am passing the sender DUNS ID to TN_parms while invoking the routeXML.

But need to know how to configure the same in document type ?


Hi Sasanka,

I had a similar requirement and ended up creating a “header” component to which Sender, Receiver, and a few other attributes are mapped. So the document posted to TN contains the custom header followed by the original XML. The TN order XML document type is configured to extract the header values from the resulting XML in order to determine Sender and Receiver.

In configuring the TN XML document, you select one of the built-in transformations (we use User Defined 1) to derive the TN sender and receiver profiles from the XML values.

Mapping values to TN_parms did not work for me (at 8.2) for routing XML documents.

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Thank you Mary, I did as you suggested. :slight_smile:

Creating another XML ( which will eventually contain required attributes and posted to TN) is the solution for me too :slight_smile: