Populating Document ID in TN


I would like to know how the documentID in TN gets populated. I believe this varies from Transaction to Transaction. Ex: For 850 you populate BEG03 as the Document iD and where as for 860 BCH03 etc.

Currently I looked at my system it is populating ST02 value in the place of the documentID. I don’t know where that is specified . I would appreciate your response on this.



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you have noticed it correctly,the STO2 value will be extracted by TN automatically for the "DocumentID"this is the normal behaviour.
So if you want to populate the value from other segments then this can be done using “Instance ID Queries” feature.

Please check this thread how to use this feature,its been discussed earlier in other thread.

Also see the WmEDI documentation library for more info if that above thread is not clear.



Thanks for the response. You are always nice and helpful.

My “Instance ID Queries” is setup. That value is showing in the conversation ID. I am thinking it would more appropriate if we populate the DocumentID.

How do I link up that InstanceID Query to the DocumentID?. I went through the documentation earlier, I couldn’t get much out of that.
I would appreciate your response on this.



This is how it works according from WmEDITN Userguide,

The following sections describe how the EDI Trading Networks assigns the documentID portion of the conversationID:

for EDI TransactionSets:

In contrast, EDI Trading Networks does not automatically assign a document ID to a transaction set. Instead, you choose and assign a document ID to a transaction set by entering an instance ID query from the EDI Trading Networks home page. After EDI Trading Networks accepts a query for a specific transaction set, EDI Trading Networks uses it (in conjunction with the sender ID and receiver ID) to assign the conversation ID for an EDI transaction set. If EDI Trading Networks receives a transaction set for which no instance ID query has been entered or accepted, it cannot form a conversation ID.

for Interchange and Group Envelopes:

EDI Trading Networks automatically assigns document IDs to group and interchange envelopes. You do not have to perform any steps to make this happen. EDI Trading Networks assigns an interchange envelope�s control number as an interchange envelopes document ID. EDI Trading Networks assigns a group envelopes group control number as a group envelope�s document ID. Using these values, EDI Trading Networks
automatically assigns entire conversation IDs to interchange envelopes and group envelopes.



Thanks for the response. I changed my Instance ID query as
ST/BEG/BEG03 and in my PO I have the BEG Segment as follows.
In the TN I am seeing my Conversation ID as follows.
i.e the DocumentID is populated in the Conversation ID.(Last Digits after -). But Document ID is still populated with ST02.

What I am trying to populate is the PO number (BEG03) in the Document ID). Do I need do any special thing inorder to get that or it automatically assigns once the Conversation ID get populated?


I think according to the Instance ID Query documentation this the actual behaviour extracting to the ConversationID.

So before sending EDI document to TN,overwrite the value of ST/ST02 element with BEG/BEG03 value and push it to TN.

Sorry i remember we also came up with this solution before.


You may want to consider creating a custom attribute (PO Number, SA Release Number, etc.) and updating this value via wm.tn.doc:updateAttributes right after doc is posted to TN. We do this in our validation service.


You can follow Mary sugesstions if it is feasible for you,or just continue further with just overwriting the ST02 field using BEG03 field before pushing it to TN.