Setting the Document ID for an EDI document type

When I set the Document Id query for an EDI document type, it continues processing my documents using the old document id query.

I go to http:///WmEDIforTN home page and click on the “Enter and Edit” link, then from that page I select my EDI document type, then I type in my Instance ID Query of “ST/BAK/BAK03”

  1. Is my understanding correct the Instance ID Query on that page is the same as the Query for the Document ID attribute?

  2. Is there a way to make sure the Document Type in TN has the new document Id query?

  3. Do I have a syntactical error?

Any help would be appreciated!

Actually i believe TN extracts DocID from ST/ST02. for transaction sets.

Regarding InstanceID query specified in the message
“ST/BAK/BAK03” syntax is correct…



I’m using TN 4.6. From the editn code it looks like the instance query cannot be used to define the Document ID only the document ID part of the conversation ID (ie. sender-receiver-document ID).
For UNEDIFACT the Document ID is hardwired to UNH/UNH01.
The EDI for TN documentation is misleading in this respect.

I’m going to use a custom document attribute (ie. Business Document ID) which will be populated through wm.b2b.editn.setAtttibute and then wm.b2b.editn.updateAttributes.