Direct Calls - very slow performance

We have a program which issues multiple Direct Calls to Adabas. The calls are RC commands and one call is issued to each of about 15 databases.

When we were using Entire Net-work 2.6.1 everything worked fine. Since moving to Net-work 7.2.3 this process has slowed down to the point of permanently hanging. It typically will issue 4-5 call, hang for a few minutes, issue 4-5 more and then hang indefinitely.

Has anyone come across this problem and what did you do about it.?

Ha, we moved to SQL :lol:

Much better!

As this is definitely neither “normal” nor “intended” behaviour, and if it hasn’t been resolved meanwhile, I’d raise this issue with SAG support :wink:


That was my first action. I got nowhere there.

I found a solution to the problem.

In an attempt to fix the problem we installed Net-work v732. This did not help. We then tried installing Nat v63. It also made no difference.

Net-work v732 was supposed to be compatible with the client install of v723, however when I installed the new Client version WCL123 the problem was fixed.

There must have been some bug in Net-work v723 which was fixed in v732 - but only if you also install the new client version.