Net-work - persistent connectivity issues

Are there any other users of Entire Net-work v7+ having consistent problems with their network reliability.

Our problems are too numerous to mention and SAG support seem at a loss to know how the fix the issues. Each new release/version of Net-work seems to make the problems worse.

One of our more recent problems was when a release offered the ability to “Partition” users and groups. We were having problems with the network stability, and SAG

Networking reliability problems can have many causes and most are not related to a specific vendor product but to overall design issues and component capacities.
“Rouge” or badly configured systems can also cause side effects on other, unrelated machines.

Without a detailed design analysis of your environment, I can see it would be difficult for SAG support to be able to help you.

Certainly, partitioning should be not be relevant to connectivity issues.


I assume you are saying that your Net-work is consistently stable?

Although I am not a network expert I am not sure I agree that the environment is the problem. We have seen where a new patch or version will fix one problem but create another, and dropping the Partitioning did fix some of our problems. Our Net-work is now more stable than it has been for a while but it still has problems.

Lets take this off-line. Please e-mail me.