Difficult to log onto Advantage using Installer

Does anyone else have trouble with installer at the log onto Advantage stage?
I have to go through a Proxy & firewall - I supply our proxy address and authentication in the advanced - servers dialog.
I know I am using the right username and password.
If I persist I can eventually get through.
I had no trouble with installer logging on Yesterday…?
Today I kept getting either invalid credentials or a null pointer exception.
The null pointer exception is annoying because I have to re-start installer and re-enter the proxy settings. I see that this error has been posted before but I think the responses miss the mark.
Has anyone noticed that the first time through you can press the enter key after typing in the password, but if you get the invalid account failure and are back at the username-password, you have to click the next button.
There is something not right here. It may be very sensitive to network lag perhaps.
Close looks at how installer establishes the connection and the login-interaction are required I think.

Hi Neil,

which version of the installer are you using on which OS?
which version of the platform are you trying to download?

You can try to find out more about whats going wrong by adding “-debug 10” to the start command.


I have similar problems running the installer. It is especially bad when I wait 15 minutes for the installer to download something and then it tells me that my password is incorrect. I have found it easier to run the installer from home using a high-speed connection and create an install image file. Then write image file to a CD and bring it in to work run it.

You can also create a bat file to run the installer with command line arguments. Like this for example:

webMethodsInstaller62_Fix1.exe -proxyHost xxx.xxx.x.xxx -proxyPort 8080
-createImage wm61Install.zip
Then you won’t have to type in the proxy host and the proxy port every time.

I think it is a problem with our network. It works fine from my home.


Installer version 6.5.1
OS Windows Server 2000
Platform IS 6.0.1
Happens before I get to select the components to install.
As mentioned it must be hypersensitive to network conditions.
The installer should not throw a

when the network is not responding as expected.
Maybe the ‘The user name or password you entered is invalid.’ could be considered acceptable if the failure is around the inability to get authorisation due to poor network response.

Focussing too much on ends more than the means seems to be allowing people to accept too often bad software with workarounds.

I have had this issue with even webMethods65 Installer. The issue started appearing around end of december.