Hi Guys,

I am new to webMethods and looking for the best place to start e.g. tutorials etc any advice??

Welcome to wMUsers!! blenks…

Pls see this helpful thread


Thanks rmg,

have logged on to both advantage and webMethods sites and have been on their introduction course, just really wondering if there are any tutorials out there or if I have to go through the 500 page pdf?


Looks brill, thanks reamon :slight_smile:

Hi, was wondering if any has a problem with Installer 7.0 I keep getting “the installer could not connect to the webMethods Installer server. The error is Connection timed out: connect”

Any ideas?? :frowning:

Are you connected to a network? to the Internet? Are firewalls or proxies blocking access to webMethods servers?

Thanks again reamon, manage to work it out, yes it was my proxy server :kiss: