Designer Crash

Hi Team,

We are around 25 users accessing single instance of designer with different work spaces. Sometimes all of a sudden while working on designer,it throws out the error-“Java was started but returned exit code=1” and attaching the screen shot of the same.We have tried editing VM args,but it didnt gave any success.

VM args

Can any one help on this please,quick help is much appreciated.

Sandeep VA

are these users running Designer on the same OS at the same time?
how much OS memory do you have in total?
if each person have 8G, it may need a lot of memory.

yes for each user in eclipse.ini, we have given around 4 gb memory as heap space.But one problem with the designer ,on start up itself it’s taking aroung 2 gb memory of there any way e can make it light weight?if so could you please help me with that.

I don’t think there is a light-weight solution.
I’d suggest you to run designer on the desktop/laptop for each person.


There was one called Designer RCP POC (RichContentPlatform ProofOfConcept), but it iss only available in Version 9.7, which can only handle ServiceDevelopment and only for IntegrationServers between 8.2 and 9.7.

Make sure that your Designer has enough RAM to handle all the instances running, even when you limit Designer to 2GB per running instances you will require 50GB of RAM for 25 running instances.

I have a Designer 9.12 running with default settings and it is usually not using more than 1GB of RAM per instance.