Dependng on TN partner profile, vary the selection of wM developer flow service

I m using TN version 6.1. I need to set up a Trading Networks (TN) interface in such a way - where I will be allowed to detect which partner submitted the XML document and vary the selection of wM developer flow service accordingly.
How can i achieve it?

Document recognition (the TN document type) pulls the sender ID out of the document and matches it with the corresponding TN profile. A Processing Rule can be set up to invoke the appropriate service. Review the TN documentation for details.

Hi … Thnks a lot for ur reply.

I would like to know another thing – whether it is possible to call different webmwethod developer services from a single processing rule; depending on some criteria.

It will be very helpful to know … thnx again

No. One rule, one service to be invoked. But you can make that service a secondary dispatcher of sorts. Within that service, you can implement logic that will determine which service to call, if for some reason you don’t want to do such criteria evaluation using rules.