Defining PDB Schema


I’m trying to upload Protein Data Bank (PDB; files into a Tamino collection by converting the available W3C schema definition (attached with this message) into a Tamino schema.

This is where, unfortunately, I have run into problems; seems to me that the PDB schema is incompatible with the TSD definition for many reasons. I was wondering: did anyone have any experience defining this schema in Tamino? Or more to the point, is there any document or something listing out exactly how the TSD definition differs from the general W3C schema definition, and how we might convert from one to another?

I’m rather new to XML schemas, so please forgive me if my post seems a bit naive.

Thanking you for your help.
pdbx-v0.906.xsd (2.69 MB)


sorry - no experience on the specific schema.
As far as I have seen, at least the nillable attribute and
the xs:union element are not yet supported by Tamino.

The recommended way:
load the schema into the Tamino Schema Editor and convert it
to TSD4 (view). This step will replace or remove schema parts
which are not supported by Tamino 4.1.

Hope that helps