For testing purposes, I would like to “convert” my existing TSD4 schemas into XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format. (http://www.xbrl.org/)

I need a sample schema which I will be able to load into Tamino database.

Any help will be very appreciated.

In advance, thanks a lot!

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Dariusz Baumann

I must say that I just know about product which was developed by Semansys Technologies and Software AG. This information I got from: http://www.semansys.com/SAG.htm

Well, I am afraid that you mix things here.

Tamino Schema Editor is a java based tool, that allows creating and manipulating of either Tamino Schema Definition (TSD) or XML Schema Definition (XSD) compatible schema files.
TSD is a subset of XSD enhanced by Tamino Server specific information (physical mapping and so on).

The concern of the XRBL organization is to provide standards for business documents using the XML format.

A part of these standards are taxonomies (http://www.xbrl.org/resourcecenter/taxonomies.asp?sid=22):
"XBRL taxonomies can be regarded as extensions of XML Schema, augmented with written documentation and a number of additional XML Linking (XLink) files."

As far as I know these extensions are not semantic extensions, XBRL taxonomies are fully XML Schema conform.

So if you want to use an XBRL schema, just load it into Tamino Schema Editor.
If TSE switches to XSD view, this means it contains some XML schema constructs not supported by Tamino 4.1.1.

Try to switch to TSD4 view, in case of error messsages, analyze them and either substitute the non-supported XML schema constructs by other ones, supported by Tamino or in case you don’t get along with this, post a message here togehter with XBRL schema location, Tamino version you are using …

A community release of TSE is planned, that allows a more easy conversion of XSD to TSD with as little structural loss as possible and with the obligation that all instances of the original schema remain valid.

Several XBRL sample schema files can be found here:


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Do you use the xbrl iascf taxonomy or any other taxonomy?
Tell me which schemas you use.
Do not try to convert these schemas by yourself. Its very difficult. I will post the converted schemas tomorrow afternoon.


I attach the converted standard XBRL schemas.

Hope this helps,
XBRLStandardSchemas-2002-09-15-forTamino4.zip (5.63 KB)