Converting DTD with new Tamino Schema Editor


I read all topics about conversion of DTDs, but still didn’t manage to convert the one attached to this message. There are problems with the namespaces I used. I didn’t manage either to place an element “xs:any” or “xs:anyAttribute” in the Schema.

Thanks for your help.

file.dtd (4.57 KB)

The DTD uses three namespaces - If you try to convert it to a TSD3 schema you will hit problems.

We have an inhouse project that handles RDF - including the Dublin Core Vocabulary.

Before proposing a solution to this I’d like to know what you trying to do.

A couple of questions.

Do you intend to incorporate other RDF Vocabularies - or just stick with Dublin Core and introduce structured values for Dublin Core properties?

What is the source of the RDF information? Do you create it internally or is acquired from else where?

Do you intend to make the instances for this DTD RDF Syntax compliant?

Thanks for your answer.

Concerning your questions:
1. In fact we don’t intend to extend the rdf vocabulary.

2. The source of the rdf information is created internally. We plan to exchange the information with thirds.

3. We prefer an rdf compliant version of the instance, but if it is not possible yet with Tamino, could you please indicate us an approach for a good solution.

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In our internal project we store and retrieve RDF in Tamino but we don’t actualy store the RDF in RDF Serialization format. The reason we did this was after much experimentation we realized that RDF Serializations suffer from syntactic variation in RDF instances that express the same thing. (your DTD only covers a fraction of the possible ways that Dublin Core information can be expressed in RDF)

For the same reason XPath or W3C XQuery expressions that will deliver the correct result independant of the variations in the instances are very hard to formulate.

Our implementation, as a consequence, stores the RDF as statements - essentially triples.

We have a built a Jena API to Tamino - Jena is a quasi-standard RDF API- and it is also relatively easy to query the RDF representation directly using the Tamino API using Jscript, Active X, Java etc

That is what WE do.

Your requirement is quite a bit more specialized as you only have one vocabulary you want to support. Also you make your own RDF Metadata and don’t have to understand syntactic variations of Dublin Core supplied by others. You also have proprietary essentions to Dublin Core - I don’t see the date elements in any of the DCMI drafts.

One option would be to edit the DTD to remove the namespace declarations and sort out any name clashes. You will need a piece of code to convert your internal representation to RDF compliant form for transfer to others.

If what I am writing makes any sense you might like to send me an email at and I can give you alternatives for fixing the Schema and specifying the indices.

Or if you want a general purpose solution I can tell you a bit about our RDF implementation