Method for converting a DTD to Tamino Schema

Is there a Java method/class available, which can be used to convert a DTD to a Tamino Schema?

I dont want to use an offline tool.
I need to use the same functionality as the schema editor does to load a DTD as a Tamino Schema.


you’re right, we need such a class, but keep in mind: When you’re just converting the DTD to a Tamino Schema with a program, you have no control of the exact mapping of DTD-structures to Tamino-structures and - more important - to Tamino goodies like datatypes and indexes.

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if you want to convert the DTD to TSD3, you may use the command-line dtd converter.

This converter is implemented in java and if you look into the cmd file you will find the name of the main class. Just use this main class and pass the command-line arguments to this class.

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