Disabling validation

Using Tamino v4.2.1 on Linux

I tried to upload the PDB (Protein Data Bank) schema into Tamino, but was unable to due to Tamino not supporting some elements. Hence, I hacked some changed to the PDB XSD and then converted it to TSD, and then disabled validation using


But however, I still get some errors related to validation (INOXDE7764 to be specific).

Please tell me what additional steps are needed to load the data without validation into tamino.


Sorry for not putting this up above.

In the worst case, how EXACTLY do I define a root element in a TSD schema (a code sample wud help) which can contain ARBITRARY XML content.

Thanks a lot


1. Tamino does not allow to disable validation for several reasons:
- having a schema allows more efficient query optimization
- the schema allows to extend the schema by physical information, e.g. indexing.
Indexing however mostly requires type information (an index for xs:float differs
from an index for xs:int or xs:string) which is again obtained from the schema.
- validation has never been a performance issue (max 5% of document processing)
- see 2.

2. … but you can use a very vague schema instead similar as the ones used internally
by Tamino when storing documents in schemaless like ino:etc:

<xs:schema xmlns:xs=“http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema” xmlns:tsd=“http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/TaminoSchemaDefinition” ino:id=“0”>
<tsd:schemaInfo name=“root.xsd”>
<tsd:collection name=“myColl”/>
<tsd:doctype name=“root”/>

<xs:element name=“root”/>

This may also answer the additional question you have posted:
“how EXACTLY do I define a root element in a TSD schema”
The answer: have a tsd:doctype element as shown above which refers
to the respective global element declaration.
If the element declaration’s target namespace is non-absent, you have
to use the associated namespace prefix in the name attribute of tsd:doctype.

3. Using open content validation (tsd:contentopen</tsd:content>) does not
mean, that no validation takes place! Rather, it means that Tamino validates
“as much as possible”. Additional elements and attributes not described by
the schema will be ignored.
In your case, the error code INOXDE7764 shows up, because the document to
be stored contains a value not given in the enumeration of the respective
simple type definition.
For a detailed description of open content validation see section
“Open Content vs. Closed Content Validation” in Tamino documentation.

Best regards