Collection without validation

Hi all,

I need to create a collection into Tamino database where I can put XML documents, without validation, like ino:etc collection.

What’s the easiest way to do that?

May I have a code example?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Raffy,

Assuming you have Tamino 4.2.1:
the easiest way is to use the Tamino X-Plorer, select the database,
use File->New Collection, and select aschema usage of
“Optional” or “Prohibited”



Hi Raffy

using Tamino Xplorer in Tamino 4.2 you can create a new collection with optional or even prohibited schema usage. “optional” is equivalent to behaviour of ino:etc.


How would you achieve the same results with v4141?

Hi Fred

Tamino 4.1 does not yet support storage without validation for any other collection but ino:etc.


Uli, thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve read here
that validation can be turned off by using the tsd:contentopen</tsd:content> tag used within a tsd:doctype declaration. I tried that and Tamino still rejected the partial document.

The sample shown in the url above looked so simple. Are there special considerations when using this “open” declaration.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Fred

for open content still all element or attribute declarations found in the schema will be used for validation.

Pls provide

  • your schema
  • your document
  • the error message you received

for further clarification


Uli, thank you for the clarification. I appreciate your offer to examine the schema and document, but now that you have me pointed in the right direction, I think I can handle it from here.

best regards,