I got the schema ino:collection/xml_lang_space (which i presume comes from Software AG) and opened it in the Schema Editor.

Pressing validate gives a validation exception (not reproduced here since i can’t seem to copy/paste from the bottom window in the Schema Editor - let me know if you need it)

I’m using Tamino 4.1.4.

Any ideas?



Unless you changed the collection to a non-system collection, the error is correct.

INOXDE7936 - Invalid define of system collection.

The schema to be defined refers to a collection reserved for system usage.

Choose a different collection name.

Validate or Define, same difference. I changed the collection to MYcollection (from ino:collection), click ok on the missing Doctype (screen) and the schem validated.

Thanks Rob, that makes good sense. (I haven’t tried it yet though…)