i get the following error inserting my schema in Tamino 4.1.

validation has detected an error in document; datatype validation for attribute “name” of type xs:NCName failed: (cvc-datatype-valid) An invalid value has been found during validation <INOXDE7703,INOXDE7763>


i’m sorry…white space…


could you post your schema as an attachment?

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

i got the same problem, here is my schema in attachment
stylesheet.TSD (611 Bytes)

Hello yacine,

the problem here is the name of the element “xsl:stylesheet” - this is not valid.

I added the namespace “xsl” (with appropriate URI) as the target namespace and changed the name to “stylesheet”.

Hope that helps,
yacine_stylesheet.tsd (708 Bytes)