Hello out there,
Im a Newby in XML and try to define a XML Schema to fill into the database.

With the schema editor I defined a certain schema, very fine, but when I try to save this or write it to the Database the dialoge ask me for a collection. Which I have to fill in there? I tried it with the name of my database, and it seems that this works. But I cannot see any effects, if my schema is now part of this db?!?

Gruss Christian

Hi Christian

  1. a collection is a container for doctypes, a doctype is a container for documents with the same QName of the root element.
    In an RDBMS, the collection corresponds to a table space (afaik) and a doctype corresponds to a table.

  2. you can verify that your schema has been stored in various ways:

    • no error message during define
    • using the schema editor: via Database > Get Schema…
    • using the Tamino XPlorer

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Tamino organizes its databases by collections. A collection is just a logical container. Also, when you insert data into teh database, you always have to specify such a collection

And how to define such a collection. Can I give it a name by my own choise or is this allready defined when I create a new database?

Gruss Christian


The collection is automatically created when you define your Tamino Schema (TSD). There is a field named “collectionName” (that you can see from Tamino Schema Editor) at the root (top-level) schema node (tree at the left hand side). If the collection does not exist when you define your schema, Tamino will create it for you.