Tamino schemas and collection (s)


i have a data base with 5 “tables”( collection) in access and i want to make the same data base in tamino, i have relations between the 5 tables …

i have to do a new collection with a schema who contents 5 doctypes or 5 collections with 5 schemas …???

and to have relations in tamino, how have to do???

thanks !!!


I believe, you slightly misunderstand these things.

Compared to a relational database, compare these:

  • database <=> database
  • collection <=> schema
  • schema <=> No equivalence, think of it
    as a set of tables
  • document type <=> table

Note the hierarchy!

In other words: If your “tables” are related (most probably they are!), it is quite likely,
that you want to have them in the same collection. It is, of course, possible, to
combine documents from various collections into
a single query. However, it is a little bit
more complex and possibly also slower, because
of the additional overhead.


thanks for you response …

but i have an another problem …

i have a schema with 5 doctypes, who are my 5 tables access, and i want to related them … but i try with the nodeRef but that’s make an error …

i have a

schema cinetheque_schema
doctype film, dvd, type, client, commande

and i want to related : film/id with dvd/film …



using nodeRef is possible, but using XQuery-based join functionality is much more flexible and should be the preferred way of solving such an issue.

Best regards