Unique Indexes

A little new to Tamino…

Im using Tamino 4.1, I want to ensure I’m going down the correct path with relating 3 schemas.

I have 3 schemas (CollectionRecord, Crinfo, CurrentTarget) all of which have a field called crid. I want to make crid the key. Therefore I do a nodeRef in each schema, setting CollectionRecord/crid = Crinfo/crid = CurrentTarget/crid

Is this correct?

Also in the CurrentTarget schema, I would like the combination of crid and a field called benumber to be the unique index. How is this accomplished?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi “Green”
I suggest that you forget the noderefs and just use ordinary indexes.
- And then use the “join” capabilities of XQUERY than will enable you to do exactly the same, only in a vastly more flexible way.

Hi “Finn”,
Thanks for the response. By “use ordinary indexes” do you mean in Tamino schema in the physical properties set index to standard? Is that all I do?

I have a Java application thats going to be querying these schemas (data related to the schemas), and I want to capture the related information.