Define/Extract Sender ID in TN of an XML doc with out that info in the content

Hi There,
I have a situation here where we receive an XML document from a third party into TN and I need to identify the sender ID and Receiver ID. This would have been straight forward if the document contained the information for me to be able to query that in TN. But unfortunately this doc have very little information and none of it can be used to identify the source/destination.

I would really appreciate if someone could advise me an alternative way to extract/define Sender and Receiver ID in TN for that document.

I was thinking along the line of and then define some TN_parms which might give some indications but at this stage I’m unsure of what TN_Params I could pass to be able to extract SenderID and Received ID. and how would I define the query would it be something like TN_parms/docAttribute ???

Your early response would be highly appreciated.


here you go!
TN_params/SenderID, TN_params/RecieverID