DB Migration

Hello All,
I am looking for some help for changing the wM DB server.
So, what are all the configs needs to be changed or do I have to re-install the wM?


What is the scenario for changing the db names? Is it just the db host being changed from host1 to host2 for example. In this case, everything is going to remain same except the db hostname… so move the schema from host1 to host2, and in jdbc pools section of IS admin page, change the host to point to newer one. Do u have any other components other than IS, TN?


Thanks Senthil for the response. The requirement is something like this:
We need to shutdown the current DB server (only wM DB resides on this server). So, the DBA’s will clone the DB from server1(abcd123.xxx.corp:1234) to server2(efgh321.xxx.corp:1234).
My question is: what are all the changes should take place (like any config changes) and where exactly or do we have to re-install the wM application on new instance?
We have IS,MWS,Broker components.

Integration Server

  1. Go to IS Admin > Settings > JDBC Pools > Edit Pool Alias
  2. Change the DB URL to point to newer db host
  3. Restart IS
  4. Navigate to /softwareag_install_dir/IntegrationServer/config/jdbc/pool folder and check if the new db names are reflected


  1. Bring down MWS
  2. Take backup of /softwareag_install_dir/MWS/server/default/config/mws.db.xml file
  3. Modify mws.db.xml file to reflect the newer db host
  4. Bring up MWS and check the logs if everything is okay.


Thanks Senthil for your valuable information.
We are cloning the DB from one server to another for migration.
Are there any other changes that needs to take place along with the one you mentioned above.
I appreciate your help.

Besides JDBC Pools, incase you have any jdbc connections would also require your attention.

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