Database access error. Can't connect to server CentraSite.

I just set up a sandbox CentraSite today on my laptop, and would like to run it on the localhost without any connection to the Internet. When I try to create a new Asset Type and go to save it (with the Finish button), I get the following error:

Database access error. Can’t connect to server CentraSite.

Here is part of the stack trace:
javax.xml.registry.JAXRException: INMJRE0001 : Database access error: INOQJE0014: Server unavailable.

I think what may be happening is I installed CentraSite while connected to a network and the Internet (of course), and the IP address for my PC (MCSALI01) must have been, but now that I am not connected to any network, CentraSite is still trying to use the saved IP address.

Does anyone know where the IP address ( is saved in CentraSite or Windows so I can change it to localhost or

Thanks for any ideas.


did you reboot your machine when you tried this after being disconnected or just suspend/resume your machine? In case of the latter try to restart the apache (Windows Control Panel>Services) and/or the database(using SMH).
Please let us know if that helps.


Wow, I’m impressed. I restarted the apache service and then it worked.

Previously, I had only tried to restart Tomcat using SMH, based on someone else’s post for a different problem.

Thank you very much!